About Europe Egypt Travel

ABOUT EUROPE EGYPT TRAVEL Europe Egypt Travel (EET) was founded in 2009. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, EET strives to provide the best deals available to its clients. In addition to our wide range of pre-packaged holiday destinations, we excel in designing tailor-made packages for domestic and outbound travelers. Our services include worldwide hotel bookings, ticketing (domestic and international), visa and passport assistance, international cruise line and railway reservations, travel insurance, sightseeing tours, and local excursions. EET is a comprehensive one-stop enterprise that offers a complete range of travel-related services.

We cater to the full spectrum of travel requirements, adhering to the most exacting standards of even the most discerning travelers, regardless of budget or time frame. As a fully licensed and categorized (A) travel agency, we are actively affiliated with the Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA) locally and internationally with IATA.